Monday, July 27, 2009

Lava on the 4th

We had such a fun day at Lava Hot Springs on the 4th!
We all went for a walk to get ice cream at the ice cream shop! It was super good! In the picture is Grandma, Kaylee, Rhett, Kenzie, Samantha, Haley, Jenny (Preston's fiance), Preston, and Kassidy.

It is always fun to see our extended family. In this picture is Great Grandma Slaughter, and Aunt Maxine! Here is Rhett giving Maxine lots of love.

What a stud! Need I say more?? He is all about Daddy's sunglasses and his "Cars" swim trunks.

The kids with Uncle Preston and Jenny. Grandpa is holding Rhett up in the back...
We all LOVE swimming!
The is the picture from the funniest part of our day. After swimming we all went to get ice cream. On our way back we notice this...
Yep, Rhett had fallen asleep, but still managed to keep eating his ice cream! A true Slater...nothing is more important that a treat...not even sleep!

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