Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby update

Ok, so this a little late, but better than never. On July 16th, I actually began to go into labor, and we went to the hospital. I hadn't progressed very far, so they sent me home. However, I had started dialating, etc. so I decided that I better not go to my pageant. I am the director of the Miss Pioneer Valley/ Miss Legacy/ Miss Rocky Mountain pageant. I was so BUMMED! With my history in childbirth (once I start dialating I deliver that day) I knew driving to Draper was not going to happen. I was totally bummed. I had worked very hard to put the pageant together. Luckily, I had people helping me who took over and got it done. Now, I have three great new titleholders and I am very excited to work with them over the next year getting them ready for Miss Utah!
The pageant was on Saturday the 18th, and still no baby. On Tuesday the 21st, the kids and I had been staying at my mom's house, and I started having contractions close together, so Uncle Nate brought me back to Pocatello. Nate (hubby) took me to the hospital, and once again, the contractions slowed down. I had dialated and effaced more, but not enough for them to keep me. Can you say FRUSTRATING?!
That brings us to today...the 27th. STILL NO BABY. In fact, my doctor on Thursday put me on an antibiotic for a possible kidney infection/stones. At least I am getting more contractions that are harder now. Surely that means more progress is happening...
I will keep this updated for the grand entrance of this little girl...which we still don't have a name for, by the way! Hopefully it won't be too much longer!

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