Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Preston's Homecoming!

Preston gets home from Lithuania on Friday night! We are all so excited. The kids all made him a bear with a missionary outfit at Build-A-Bear when we were there before Christmas. They can't wait to give it to him at the airport! He will be giving his "report" on Sunday in Preston. What a fun weekend we are going to have!

Here Comes #5!

Although most of you already know, we are expecting our 5th baby in August. I wanted to wait until I had been to the doctor to put it up here publicly. So, today was the appointment. Nate, Haley, Kassidy and Rhett all came with me to meet the new doctor. I was hoping to hear the heartbeat, but wasn't sure if I was far enough along to hear it. Well, I guess I am...we heard it! It was fun to see the kids faces as they tried to figure out what they were hearing. Kassidy couldn't get past the blue gel. She told me I needed to go lay down (after we got home) because I had the blue stuff on my tummy. They are all taking such good care of me (us)!