Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh, Kassidy!

Ok, so Kassidy says some of the funniest things. The two most recent had me laughting so hard, so I thought that I would share them with you. First, yesterday we had decided to go down to Preston for a while and after the kids were ready, I told Kassidy that she looked cute. She looked at me and said, "I know mom. I already sawd." Ok, so that is classic her.

The next funny moment came at mom and dad's. She was telling dad how to spell her name, so that he could write it down for her to copy. This is how she spelled it. "K-A-S-S-polka dot one-D-Y. It was so funny. I guess I had never really looked at an"i"that way!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Haley's 6!

Yesterday was Haley's 6th birthday. She had a great day. She took santa bags with treats in them to school for her class and then I took her shopping to pick out dinner and her cake. She is a girl with strong opinions, so I thought it would be best to let her choose, then I would get it right. However, I did do a good job picking out her presents because she loved them. She loves her High School Musical umbrella and her Disney Sing It Wii game. She is quite the little singer! All of my girls love the disney channel stars and movies and songs, so this game was a no brainer.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

7and a half weeks and counting!

7 and a half weeks until Preston comes home from serving his mission in Lithuania! I am so excited! My kids are getting really excited too. I have been showing Rhett Preston's picture in hopes that when he gets here in January that Rhett will recognize him, at least a little!

I have been working on putting Preston's mission scrapbook together. It is sure fun, and gets us all the more excited to see him again! The cards and letters that he got before he left are so fun to see. It should be a pretty exciting time for some of his good "friends" too! I for one am excited to see what will happen there!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Samantha's Baptism

Samantha was baptized on September 6th, by her dad. It was a great day and we had so many wonderful friends and family there to share it with us.

She was lucky to be baptized at the Logan Tabernacle. Everytime we drive by it now Kassidy reminds us that "there is the tabernickle where Sami got baptized!"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good News!

Yesterday we took Samantha down to Primary Children's for a check-up on her eyes. We always have a fingers crossed when we go. This time, it was more good news. She is gaining strength over her wandering eye, and can (and does) bring it back fairly quickly. The only time she doesn't is when she is daydreaming. The funny thing is that she is always caught redhanded at school when she is off in la-la land because her eyes tell on her. Anyway, her doctor says that her vision is VERY good. She is still not using her eyes together, but that is something that may come or may not, when crossed eyes are a problem from infancy--which is the case with Samantha. The best part is that we know that the doctor is feeling good with everything because he doesn't need to see her again for a year! They will continue to watch her because the wandering eye could get worse as she gets older, and if it does they will do more surgery to fix it. But, for now, all is well!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It had to happen sometime...

Ok, let's be honest, it had to happen sometime...Haley and Kassidy were playing dress-up with mommy's shoes ( in this picture)...and Rhett got into their dresses. Where was I to make sure this wouldn't happen? Well, I was working on the last blog. It took me quite a while to figure out how to get the pictures on and working with the text. I know, but I had to learn sometime!

Little Miss Cache Valley

Ok, here goes. I just discovered how to get pictures from my camera straight to my computer. These are the pictures that happened to be on the camera, so I thought I'd share them.
Haley had the chance to be Cache Valley's Little Miss for the Miss Utah pageant this year. They had "tea" for all the title holders and their Little Miss. It was a lot of fun to get a sneak peak at all the titleholders and also see the other little girls that Haley would be performing with during the week at Miss Utah. This is also the place that they were given their dresses, crowns, production outfit, and some other goodies. Haley is posing by the waterfall with her Miss...Miss Cache Valley, Kathryn Hopkins.

Haley was actually the one to choose the pose...everyone at the tea wore dressses, hats and gloves.

Kathryn, had a "Preview" at her home before the Pageant in July and invited Haley to come and be a part of it. She was so excited to wear her dress and crown!

Haley and Kathryn practicing for the evening gown portion of the competition....

Samantha was Haley's biggest fan. She was so happy to help her practice and to be there to watch her. Ashley (Preston's friend) and Grandma Slaughter also came to see her at Kathryn's preview.

Marie Schneider (Miss Pioneer Valley) posing with Haley during Miss Utah week at the Show Me Your Shoes party. We worked with Marie a bit during the year since I am her director...
It was a super fun time! I'm not sure where the pix are from the pageant, because I didn't use my own camera...yikes!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Official!

It's official. We have moved to Pocatello. So far, so good. We haven't been able to experience much yet, since the kids and I are staying in Preston and commuting to Logan to clean our last place. Samantha and Haley are going to school while I clean, then we all come back to Preston and I finish up teaching. We have a super busy weekend coming up here in Utah, then finally on Sunday we will actually get to live in Poky. We all love the house that we have moved into and Samantha and Haley are super excited to ride the bus to school. It will be a new experience for all of us. I am used to getting them to school by 9, and in Poky they will be catching the bus at 7:15! YIKES!!!
Nate is doing well at his new job and is keeping very busy. Rhett is, well, to put it nicely, a TERROR! Kassidy, is quite the little charmer. She told me the other day that when she gets big she wants to be a Super Star. I will put some pix on my next blog...assuming I can figure it out!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Trying to get started...

Ok, so I guess I need to give this a shot. It seems to be handy, and now that I have a computer that won't freeze when I wander away from e-mail, I figure why not.
We have been super busy lately trying to get ready for our move to Pocatello. It all came on so unexpextedly, but it will be a good thing for our family. Samantha and Haley are a little nervous about going to a new school since they love thier current one. Hopefully we will find a good one for them. We are going into it blindly since we don't know the area or the schools, but hopefully we will be able to use the internet to help a little.
We don't have a date for moving yet, although we know we will for sure be gone by the 1st of November. Nate started his job last week, so he is now commuting. Not a horrible commute, but we will be glad when we are done with that. Also, I am teaching for the rest of the month and finishing up with the Yamaha Clavinova Festival that I am the coordinator of. It will be nice to just focus on my family...and of course the pageant that I direct. It should be exciting over the next few weeks!