Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Official!

It's official. We have moved to Pocatello. So far, so good. We haven't been able to experience much yet, since the kids and I are staying in Preston and commuting to Logan to clean our last place. Samantha and Haley are going to school while I clean, then we all come back to Preston and I finish up teaching. We have a super busy weekend coming up here in Utah, then finally on Sunday we will actually get to live in Poky. We all love the house that we have moved into and Samantha and Haley are super excited to ride the bus to school. It will be a new experience for all of us. I am used to getting them to school by 9, and in Poky they will be catching the bus at 7:15! YIKES!!!
Nate is doing well at his new job and is keeping very busy. Rhett is, well, to put it nicely, a TERROR! Kassidy, is quite the little charmer. She told me the other day that when she gets big she wants to be a Super Star. I will put some pix on my next blog...assuming I can figure it out!

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Lissagerl said...

Wow! You're already moved? I wish it had been down this way. I hope everyone acclimates well.