Sunday, October 5, 2008

Trying to get started...

Ok, so I guess I need to give this a shot. It seems to be handy, and now that I have a computer that won't freeze when I wander away from e-mail, I figure why not.
We have been super busy lately trying to get ready for our move to Pocatello. It all came on so unexpextedly, but it will be a good thing for our family. Samantha and Haley are a little nervous about going to a new school since they love thier current one. Hopefully we will find a good one for them. We are going into it blindly since we don't know the area or the schools, but hopefully we will be able to use the internet to help a little.
We don't have a date for moving yet, although we know we will for sure be gone by the 1st of November. Nate started his job last week, so he is now commuting. Not a horrible commute, but we will be glad when we are done with that. Also, I am teaching for the rest of the month and finishing up with the Yamaha Clavinova Festival that I am the coordinator of. It will be nice to just focus on my family...and of course the pageant that I direct. It should be exciting over the next few weeks!


Min said...

Sounds like a fun change. Busy and stressful month ahead for you though.

My mom said it took Kerry and Michelle a little while, but they really like being in Pokey. They should be there a few more years at least.

Good luck with everything!

Lott Family said...

We are excited for you too!! Glad you're joining the blogging team!

DMcConkay said...

Good Luck on the move.

We look forward to reading what is happening in the Slater Family