Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good News!

Yesterday we took Samantha down to Primary Children's for a check-up on her eyes. We always have a fingers crossed when we go. This time, it was more good news. She is gaining strength over her wandering eye, and can (and does) bring it back fairly quickly. The only time she doesn't is when she is daydreaming. The funny thing is that she is always caught redhanded at school when she is off in la-la land because her eyes tell on her. Anyway, her doctor says that her vision is VERY good. She is still not using her eyes together, but that is something that may come or may not, when crossed eyes are a problem from infancy--which is the case with Samantha. The best part is that we know that the doctor is feeling good with everything because he doesn't need to see her again for a year! They will continue to watch her because the wandering eye could get worse as she gets older, and if it does they will do more surgery to fix it. But, for now, all is well!!!

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Jordan n dazzlin said...

thats really good to hear, Im glad to hear she is doing better...thats great:)