Monday, June 22, 2009

What a week!

Ok, I am so exhausted! We began the week by going down to Nate and Cindy's and Nate and the kids stayed there while I went to help Arial pack for Miss Utah. (Arial is my current Miss Pioneer Valley.) Then we stayed at Marilyn's and on Monday we went down to the "Show Me Your Shoes" parade and party for Miss Utah. It was pretty fun. My titleholders (Arial, and Sarah our Miss Legacy) both got awards for their fantstastic shoes!
On Tuesday, we took the kids to Lagoon. It was so fun! The kids are old enough now to go on the rides and really enjoy them. Even Rhett was so funny! We tried to take pictures with Nate's phone, so if I can get them off I will put them on here. The funniest part was after riding Rattle Snake Rapids Kassidy was not happy about being so wet. I told her we could take her on another ride and it will help her dry off and cheer her up. So, after the next ride when she got off, she said, "mom, I am NOT cheered up. I am still so freaking wet!" It was pretty funny. Luckily, we had a change of clothes so she could feel better.
The rest of the week I was at Miss Utah, and Nate brought the kids home to Pocatello. It was a great week and my titleholders were amazing! I am so proud of them! Sarah ended up in the top 10, and Arial SHOULD have been in the top 10 as well. Oh well. Such is life in the pageant world!
Now, it is time to put my house back together, because I am SURE that a tornado hit...what else could it be???

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