Thursday, April 30, 2009

Young at Art

Samantha and Haley got to perform at their schools Young at Art program at one of the high schools here. It was the biggest version of an Elementary school talent show I had ever seen! In fact, the talent was pretty good. Haley was first to go on since she was the only Kindergartner in the program. It was so cute to watch her walk across the stage. She looked so LITTLE! In fact, as soon as she came out people were "aahh look at her she is so little" and making noises to that effect. In fact, one guy behind us made us laugh so hard because he said (and not quietly) "she's so little is she going to be able to get up on that bench?" It was so funny! Haley told us afterwards that she heard everyone making sounds and she thought it was funny too. They both did really well!

Again, sorry no pictures. I still don't have a camera, and mom and dad didn't think to bring theirs. BUMMER!

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