Monday, April 20, 2009

Sports update

All three girls are having a great time in soccer this spring! Nate is coaching Samantha's team and is having a blast. His head is getting a little swollen since we are only half way through the season and the parents have already asked him to keep the team together and keep coaching them for the seasons to come! They LOVE him, and he is doing a great job. One girl on his team even told him she has already learned more this season than she did in the last 4! He really enjoyed hearing that!
Haley's team is doing well. She really likes to play keeper, but is also really good at Forward because she is one of the fastest kids on the team!
Kassidy is quite the little powerhouse. She hasn't gone a game yet without scoring a goal! This week she even scored 3!
Rhett is dying to play himself. He gets to practice with Kassidy's team every week...and he keeps up with them! Next Spring, he will be old enough to play on his own team.
Samantha also starts softball today. We had a good time yesterday taking the kids out to work on some basics with her. All of the kids wanted a turn to bat, and every one of them hit the ball--being pitched to them! EVEN KASSIDY AND RHETT!! Wow, it is so much fun to watch them play sports!!

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