Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kassidy's First Piano Recital

Ok, first off I don't have pictures. How sad!! But, there is a DVD, that we can get later. Anyway, Kassidy played in her first piano recital last night. She did so good. She is so funny. She was a little shy, so Grandma Bonnie helped her introduce her song and herself. Then she started to play and froze a few measures in, so I took her her music and she finished. She still did so good considering she is 4! She is quite talented and we are very proud of her! She was able to even get a couple of awards at the end from competing at a festival. She was super happy!
Samantha and Haley also played, and again, did well. They also got several awards from all of the adjudications that they have done in the last couple of months.
I am sooooo glad that this adjudication season is OVER! It is so stressful! Worth it in the end though!

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