Sunday, March 15, 2009

Samantha and Haley get Superiors!

Saturday, March 7th, Samantha and Haley played the piano for Judges at Federation. It is an annual adjudication for piano. Both girls worked very hard. And it payed off! They had to memorize two pieces each. They both received a 5, or Superior Rating--the highest you can get! I'm such a proud Mama! Daddy and Grandma Bonnie are pretty proud too. Samantha played "With a Yo-Ho-Ho" and "Minuet." It is so interesting to watch her on her journey of discovering what effects are left from her brain bleed. She has to work extra hard to get her right hand to do what she wants it to. When she got up to play she just smiled her way through because we discovered she plays best with a smile on her face. The judges commented to me afterward that they loved her smile and her reaction to playing her pieces. They could just tell that she thought she had just nailed it. And she had just played better than she ever had before. She was also nominated to play in the Honors Recital by one of her judges! This was Haley's first year playing for Judges, and she played "Ramblin' Rails" and "Waltz." She was nervous, but did really well. Usually a student will learn two pieces and work on them all year...Haley has been through 4 now. This is just the start of a busy performing season for piano. What a great start!

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