Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pictureless...for now.

I was hoping to put up some pictures from St. George, but I don't have any because our camera was stolen the last night we were there. Oh, well. It was a fun trip and we all loved the weather! Rhett had gotten a little sick, so Nate stayed inside with him and I took the fish, I mean girls, out to swim. It was super nice. Samantha in particular LOVES to swim and getting her out of the water is quite a difficult task. Haley and Kassidy also love to swim, but they are nearly as attached to the water as Samantha.
Nate had a great time golfing in Mesquite with my dad and brothers. The other highlight of being there was spending time with Melissa and Chris and their boys. We had so much fun playing the Wii! The girls are already asking when we will do that again.
One thing is for sure, after this trip I am ready for SPRING!

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